Sigh out Breath, Horse Breath, Lion’s Breath, those breathing techniques alleviate stress & anxiety, eliminate toxins, and stimulates your throat and upper chest.
Sigh out Breath: This breath signals the body to relax, inviting it to release tension. Also invite the mind to let go of unnecessary thoughts and become more present.
This release breath is responsible for elimination and cleansing, removing anything that no longer serves you.
Horse Breath: This breath is releasing tension in your jaw, letting things go, exhaling carbon dioxide and releasing fatigue.
With this playful breathing technique, you can be silly making animal sounds like a horse.
Lion’s Breath: Is a powerful breath related to the thyroid, that can help you to clear the throat chakra and become more energized and focused.
Stimulates your vocal cords and diaphragm, regulates the nervous system and strengthen your lungs.
This breath also provides a nice stretch for your face and neck, making it great for relieving tension in both areas.