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Doris Puehringer is an internationally renowned Yoga Therapist.  Her highly popular weekly online yoga therapy classes have attracted attendees from over 30 countries around the world.  Doris has worked with 100’s of people helping them work with neurological and psychological disorders and other ailments of the mind and body.  She is passionate about educating people on the importance of bringing awareness to the moment.  Doris has cultivated a yoga therapy practice to help men and women transform themselves and live healthy disease free lives.  Doris’s mission is to inspire people to honor themselves with a daily yoga practice and teach her methods to the next generation of yoga therapists.

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Jan Friedman

Jan Friedman, LMFT

Doris is a rock solid professional with a heart of gold.  She is a gifted, intuitive yoga therapist who firmly stays on task. Her warmth is infectious and her empathy for people’s pain leads her to lovingly personalize each encounter. Quite simply she is one of the kindest people I have ever met.

Training Teacher, L.A.U.S.D. Senior Psychotherapist; Barrington Psychiatric Center
Raymond J. Friedman

Raymond J. Friedman, M.D., Ph.D.

I met Doris years ago and I am proud to be her friend as well as her student. We work hard, but enjoy a lot of laughs together. I come from a Western “ hard science” world. Doris was first taught yoga by her grandmother in Europe and has spent most of her adult life learning a host of Eastern disciplines. In my experience most accomplished therapists integrate the best kernels of knowledge and techniques from many schools of thought and practice. Doris embodies this tradition; she never teaches the same class twice. Finally, I would be remiss if I didn’t note Doris curiosity about the human body in all of its complexity. For example, she has taught me to appreciate the profound importance of breathing as central to almost every therapy – physical or mental.

Training & Supervising Psychoanalyst The New Center for Psychoanalysis Los Angeles, California
Lian Hurst Mann

Lian Hurst Mann, Ph.D

Yoga Therapy with Doris has radically transformed my life. I became a client of Doris 10 years ago after having brain surgery. I had migraines and tension that caused me to withdraw for several days several times a month. I was afraid of any exercise. Yoga seemed too difficult to start at age 65. Years later, I continue weekly private yoga therapy sessions with Doris. Her gentle systematic therapeutic manner has given me both a critical new understanding of how my mental and physical systems interact and a new confidence that can control my life.

Hand in Hand: Domestic Employers Network
Eric Mann

Eric Mann

Doris brought me back from pain, fear and depression to health, strength, flexibility and happiness. I worked with her through the medical office of Singh Neurology. Doris is a gifted healer with brilliant life force and multi-disciplinary approach to the body pain – deep breathing, meditation, tai-chi, kick boxing, stretching, strengthening that is supportive and challenging. She is serious while having a kind and affectionate personality. I have referred five other people to her so far. No, I am not nominating her for sainthood, but I may.

Melinda Hurst

Melinda Hurst

At age 88, with a degenerating physical condition, I began working with Doris. Now I am 99 and totally bedridden. Doris weekly visits are a Godsend. The breathing techniques I have learned help me feel alive despite my immobility. Her assisted stretching and manual manipulation of my arms, hands and legs, feet stimulate my circulation, sooth my fibromyalgia, and keep me feeling physically vital. And her cranial sacral therapy keeps my brain active and relaxes me at the same time. I feel so blessed to have found her.

William Stephens

William Stephens

At the age of 27 I found myself facing an unexpected health crisis that left me physically, mentally and emotionally devastated. Through some kind of divine fortune, I met Doris at that time. I credit her robust knowledge, warm wisdom and loving guidance with helping me get through one of the most difficult times of my life. Beyond her impressive resume–not to mention an unparalleled understanding of the human body and decades of therapeutic experience working with clients of all backgrounds and abilities–Doris possesses a rare healer’s intuition; she’s quick to form an empathic connection with the people she works with. I’ve never known someone who radiated such joy, cared so deeply, and worked so tirelessly in helping others. I’m truly grateful to know Doris.

Tery Arnold

Tery Arnold

“Doris is a mystic and a healer.  She can look into your eyes, even through the zoom lens, and understand where your body needs to heal.  She has the extra added spice of laughter, kindness and a boots-on-the-ground work ethic that can inspire so many to prioritize their physical healing journey.  She will bring you into the present moment, keep you there, then you can move on, feeling great!”

Senior Director, STAR Education
Barry Shils

Barry Shils

“I can honestly say that Doris is one of the finest yoga teachers I’ve ever experienced.  She is expert at all yoga postures and very skilled at giving clear instruction.  Doris understands the body and its anatomy well, and she gives personal attention to every student’s individual needs.  One always feels better physically and emotionally after a yoga therapy class with Doris on zoom and ready to face the challenges of daily life!”

Film Director
Michiko S. Durinski

Michiko Aida

I’ve been practicing yoga for sixteen years with different teachers and taking Doris yoga therapy class for the last five years because she is the best. And now, I can’t live without it anymore. In her class, she always tells us the alignment with details which I believe is one of the very important things in Yoga. Some instructors just tell us the poses and keep moving in a class. But with Doris’ instructions with reasons, I correct myself minor angles and heights and those will make a BIG difference for me. Another thing I love about her and her class is she’s always positive, cheerful and in a good mood. So throughout in her class, us students can enjoy and be happy. It’s so convenient to take Doris zoom classes. She gives us flexible time frame to take the class and that also works even when I’m in foreign countries for business. I recommend it.

Producer & Designer
Bertrand E. Christian

Bertrand E. Christian, Esq.

I became acquainted with Doris as my Yoga teacher over 10 years ago. I have continued to experience and benefit from her magical, mystical Yoga therapy techniques and breathing exercises. Her kind, nourishing and often intuitive approach to addressing physical health challenges has kept me motivated to the conditioning and strengthening of my body. Thanks to Doris I am keeping fit, flexible and alert in both my professional and personal life. I am habitually addicted to attending her weekly group zoom classes.

Law Offices of B. E. Christian
Sofia Eng

Sofia Eng

Doris is caring, warm, kind, radiant, understanding, and has a non-threatening personality. I felt so comfortable talking to her and opening up about my personal problems. She has taught me how to breathe, especially when I have anxiety. I have started the class with a migraine and 30 minutes in it is gone. She has been such a support in my life and given me her whole heart. She is also very knowledgeable not only about your body and mind, but also holistic nutrition. I have learned natural ways that will cleanse my system. I owe so much to Doris, I have also recommended her to other suffering friends and family that has tried her medical yoga and absolutely loved it too. During the pandemic I have been staying in Europe. People have told me to try a new Yoga teacher. I can’t… I have tried other yoga teachers but no one is like Doris. So her zoom classes have saved me, I am back in class again miles apart. Can’t say enough good things about her.

Founder / Head of Casting

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