If you have pain flare-up’s in your back, you’ll want to start doing these beneficial exercises.
Please practice these pain reduction exercises daily for 4 weeks.
#1. Perform a movement that constantly causes pain. For example: standing up from a chair, couch, or bed. Another example can be walking a certain distance.
#2. Perform one pain reduction exercise for 2 sets, using perfect form!
#3. Re-Test the painful movement you performed in #1 (if your pain is reduced).
Things to note:
  • Too much arch in the low back is caused due to child-bearing, locking the knees, poor posture, lack of butt strength, poor bending/walking habits, and/or stress/anxiety response.
    • Some posture exercises you can implement are: weight bearing exercises (standing on one leg variations), and alternate butt pumps.
  • Side-bending problems cause rotation of the spine, lateral tilt rotation of the pelvis, SI joint pain, and/or sciatica. 
    • Some posture exercises you can implement are: reaching the alternate arm up while walking or sitting on a chair, sitting or standing cat & cow pose (followed with a forward bend), and alternate knee hugs.