Anxiety is defined as – mental or emotional troubles leading to long term tensions or mental fatigue which creates disturbances in our energy flow. Some common symptoms are: Experiencing tiredness, agitation and anger, increased heart rate, sleeping difficulties, lack of concentration.

This soothing, calming sequence will eventually help with the flow of breath work to bring enough oxygen to the brain to help relax the nerves and reduce the stress hormones, like cortisol and adrenaline and also stimulates metabolism with the increase in the energy flow, through the spine. 

  1. Anxiety breath – on my blog, you can see two different ones 2 min or more
  2. Butterfly pose 2 min
  3. Puppy pose 1 min
  4. Straddle pose 2 min
  5. Supported half frog pose 1-2 min per side
  6. Lying down spinal twist pose 1-2 min per side
  7. Happy baby pose 2 min
  8. Resting pose with bolster or blanket under knees 5 min or more