Breathing exercise – Alternate Nostril Breathing

The Breath is a wonderful tool for developing mindfulness, awareness, and bringing aliveness into previously dull areas. A.N.B. helps to create balance, harmony in your system by allowing each nostril equal time so that while you are practicing, neither nostril is dominant.

This can also help strengthen the breath of a nostril that may be chronically weaker. It also integrates both sides of your brain. Cleanses and tones up the entire nervous system. People suffering from cough and cold benefit greatly. Heart is strengthened. Removes mental tension and worries. Improves focus and reduces stress and anxiety.

Sit comfortably in a chair, or on the floor in a simple crossed-legged position. Bring your back up nice and tall.

Morning and Day(Sun) – Energizing A.N.B.:
Inhale to the left nostril, Exhale to both nostrils, Inhale to the right nostril, Exhale to both nostrils. 10-15 rounds, or on a timer 2-10min

Evening (Moon) – Calming A.N.B.:
Inhale to both nostrils, Exhale to the left nostril, Inhale to both nostrils, Exhale to the right nostril. 10-12 rounds, or on a timer 2-10min